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Academic Parallel Sessions

The core elements of this conference were the Academic Presentations in a diverse and contemporary range of eight Track sessions, offered in 6 parallel sessions, and two exciting workshops. 


This was a truly international conference – most of our 160 participants came from all around the globe:

  • Europe - UK, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Albania, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France

  • Middle East and Asia Minor – UAR, Israel, Iran, Turkey

  • Asia - China, Hong Kong and Macao, Japan, Rep of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam

  • USA, Canada, and South America – like Columbia

  • Australia and New Zealand.


It was very encouraging to see collaborations from quite different regions of the world – Italy, UK and China; Switzerland, Germany and India; China and Pakistan – this was all to be encouraged in bringing the world together through our research collaborations.

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